Love Sucks

     Love sucks. As in really sucks. You’ll do everything for love, all those crazy little things for love, then what? You just end up weeping and crying over some stupid jerk who promised you the moon and the

stars and the heaven and the earth.

     God to think of it- some guy likes you, calls you everyday, spends hours on the phone in the morning, afternoon and night. Sends you sweet and thoughtful messages, tells you everything you wanted to hear. He visits your home almost every night, goes out with you on the weekends, brings you to those romantic places and fancy restaurants, and lavishes you with expensive flowers, gifts and chocolates.

     And when you look into his eyes, he stares at you as if you are the most beautiful woman on earth. Then, in a snap of a finger, the stars come down from heaven and you fall in love with him and he’s the happiest.

     Then days passed, weeks and months.

     And days passed by still, as you look into his eyes, he isn’t looking at you the way he did before.

     Then you hear him say…It’s not you, it’s me.

     That’s the romantic way of breaking up, I think. He tells you he needed some space to think, that you are such a wonderful person and you deserve someone better, he couldn’t give everything you need, that you are too good for him.

     This some guy, whom a long time ago promised you everything, almost his life for you, and they are the ones who beg for your love in the first place, but then, they are the ones who want escape.

     Love does suck, doesn’t it? 

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9 thoughts on “Love Sucks

  1. It’s not you, it’s me. hehe i’ve heard this from my girlfriend a couple of years ago, and it is a certified safe answer for your partner to have space and or eventually leave you alone.

    thank goodness i wont be hearing that again from my partner. (‘coz i don’t have any.)

    i must admit i maybe not that sweet enough to say or do, the lovers bring me thing, ‘coz i know it’s hard giving away promises specially to a girl you love, if you’re really not sure that you can comply with whats promised.

    theres really no need for saying things like that just do it, but then again love sucks when you did everything for your love only to end up with nothing.

  2. haha
    If its true Love no need to tell it should be felt
    well how close relation might be over possiveness always breaks it,so its good to give space in relation
    if its true luv it will come back to you….otherwise save that as happy memory

  3. Luv sucks nga ba?

    For those who follows what the heart truly feels, I don’t think so..

    unless you follow what’s your mind perceive and your eyes sees.. then definitely it sucks.. hahaha..


  4. That is so true. Love sucks when you love first and get left behind, but it sucks on a whole new level when the one who loved you first loses the feeling and leaves you in the dust. That has got to hurt more!

  5. yes! you are rite….i too feel the same and i hab been same almost alld tym..
    i hab been in reltion for the lastt 3 years and this is all wad is happening between us…
    love has got all the power…it makes us happy, it makes us sad…it turns us vurnerable too n it makes us end oyr life too…
    so in total luv jus SUXX…

  6. Love sucks really bad. What is the point? Is it REALLY better to have loved and lost than to have never loved at all? That used to be my motto. I really don’t know anymore. Love brings good times and complete bliss, but then also complete devastation. What goes up, most come down. Nothing lasts forever. Except diamonds. It’s all bullshit.

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