Gone with the Wind

    There will be this one time in your life wherein you’ll find someone as wonderful as the stars in the sky.

I’ve found mine many years ago. He’s got the eyes that would definitely leave a girl breathless. And his smile- wow, you could lose yourself with his sweet smile. He’s totally charming, very good looking. A head-turner, without even trying.

     I always used to give him a glance every single day when he walks in front of my house. And when he smiles, God only knows what’s on my mind.

     As time flies, I know nothing about him but his heavenly charm.

     As time flies by and still, I found myself searching among the crowds for his face. And who would expect that I’d be seeing him again, after a couple of years, in the most unlikely circumstances.

     One that I wished never happened.


     You ask why? I tell you why.

     Well, it was one of those ordinary days, and as I do the things I usually do, I suddenly saw this man rushing to my direction. I was surprised. Speechless.

     O, I really wish to heaven it never happened. Because that same day, that very moment, I can’t help but ask myself why, o why did I lose myself to someone like this man?

     I cannot believe that I was actually deceived by his charming good looks.

     Do not get me wrong. He still looks fantastic.

     Well, not until he speaks.

     O, I really wished it never happened. All my admiration, longing and dreaming has suddenly disappeared. It has simply gone…with the wind.


image from http://www.flickr.com/photos/aussiegall/1283642321/



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