Ten Things I love About Neil Raymundo

1. Neil always makes me laugh. There’s never a dull moment when I’m with him. He knows all the crazy and funny things to say especially when I’m feeling down. Being with him is like being in a romantic comedy movie. He’s the Henry Roth of my life.
2. He is the most thoughtful person I know. Neil always puts me first on his list, making me feel so special every single day.
3. Neil is a true artist. He has the talent that never fails to amaze me.
4. I love his surprises. From his unexpected romantic letters, to his fantastic works of art. He brought fun and excitement into my life and I would never trade his affection for the world.
5. Neil is one of the deepest and most intelligent people I have ever met. His wisdom is just remarkable. I’ve learned so much about so many things ever since I met him.
6. Neil has the power to turn my saddest day into a perfect moment. I don’t know how he does that – changing my mood through his romantic thoughts.
7. His level of understanding is still a mystery to me. No matter how stubborn I get or how difficult I become, he always finds a way to understand me.
8. Neil is my confidant. I can tell him all my thoughts, opinions, dreams and fears anytime I want. He is always there whenever I need someone to talk to or every time I yearn for someone who could listen to my rants.
9. He is very passionate. In everything he does. He has a big heart and I feel so lucky to have it. His passion makes me fall for him all over again.
10. Neil is the epitome of an ideal man. Although he is a child at heart, he still finds a way to be romantic and responsible all the time. His love is everlasting and it is mine. Only mine.