A Very Serendipitous Episode

writing is truly my destiny

writing is truly my destiny

The ground was still damp and the leaves of the trees were still wet due to the continuous rain from the past few days. Cecilia was seriously doing her articles inside her confined dark room when she heard her close friend’s familiar voice outside the gate. It has been months since the last time they saw each other and she was truly pleased to see her again. She wasn’t sure why her friend wanted to see her but she had a gut feeling that there was something about this surprise visit.

Cecilia just listened from one topic to another, laughed from one joke to the next, and patiently waited for her to drop the bomb. After a few hours of never-ending banter, at long last, she revealed the startling news.

Her friend ended her almost six-year relationship. The news shocked Cecilia more than anything. If there was one relationship she admired the most, it was her friend’s – because it was ideal. It was almost perfect.

If Cecilia learned about the news a few years ago, she would definitely be single until now, forever fearful of getting herself involved with any man. She was sad for her friend, deeply disappointed with the fact that they already had plans for the future – a nice wedding, their own happy family and a small business. And just because of a relationship that has become more of a routine, she decided to put an end on it. Just like that.

Cecilia was still trying to absorb all the details about this ‘another’ failed relationship when her friend bid goodbye and went home. While Cecilia was left shaken by the news, she felt so blessed. Everybody seems to be breaking up and it made her realized that what she has right now is something she should be truly thankful for.

She had been in so many heartaches in the past that she was already used to the terrible feeling. Because of the pain she had gone through, it came to a point when she no longer believed in men and love in general. She assumed that relationships come and go and love is really just a state of mind. At that moment, her only love affair was with her pen and paper. She created characters in her mind and fabricated love stories where all her fantasies could come to life. She invented male characters that possess qualities she could only dream of – charming, intelligent, humorous, passionate. She made up romantic scenes from her vivid imagination and wrote down sweet dialogues she only wished to hear. If not with her romantic and compelling characters, her life would definitely be a complete bore.

That was more than a year ago. Now, Cecilia is no longer a skeptic when it comes to men and in love. Her lifelong dream of meeting a man who would sweep her off her feet has finally come into reality, in a very serendipitous episode. He was all she could ever hope for.

Up to now, it still amazes her whenever she thinks about how she came across that website. She never imagined that a single click on the mouse could change her entire life forever. One day, she just found herself doing something she was not familiar with and simply realized that she was starting to enjoy every single minute of it. Her enjoyment was intensified after a few weeks of writing when she received a ym message from a total stranger – that simple message struck Cecilia like lightning and she had no idea that it was the beginning of something wonderful.

Initially, her intention in signing up was to know more about how the internet works and how it could help her with her writing aspiration. Cecilia wants to be a novelist. She has always dreamed of becoming a novelist for a long time and she’s willing to leave her comfort zone and think out of the box just to reach her goal.

For many, Essays.ph is probably just an ordinary company, a good means to earn income. But for Cecilia, Essays.ph is a lot more than that. It gave her so much more than she wished for. Apart from the additional income, Essays.ph gave her many reasons to laugh and to live again.

Essays.ph will forever play an important part in Cecilia’s life. It helped hone her skill in writing. She became a better person because of the company and learned so much ever since she started working for them.

Essays.ph gave Cecilia the chance to meet interesting people and new friends who happen to be some of the coolest and the most wonderful friends she has ever met. And most importantly, Cecilia owes Essays.ph everything she has become at present because through the company, she was able to meet the man who only existed in her imagination.

That serendipitous episode granted her a clearer vision of the future. Essays.ph is a one huge and significant adventure that she would never trade for anything in the world. If she could turn back time, she would still want to stumble upon Essays.ph website to find the man of her dreams and fall in love all over again.


i love…

i see only you

i see only you

I love the sparkle in your eyes every time you look at me. I love the feeling of your hands against mine as we walk alongside each other. I love the way you smile at me and i love the sound of your easy laughter. I love the way we make fun of random things and laugh our hearts out without caring what other people might think. I love our movie marathon moments while you hold me in your arms as if you never want to let me go. I love the way you whisper ‘I love you’.

I love Wednesdays and I love those days in between because I know we’ll be seeing each other again soon. I love thinking about you on my way to our favorite spot and I love that tingling sensation I feel every time I see you standing there, waiting for me. I love walking next to you, I love looking at you when you talk. I love listening to your stories and I love laughing at your ‘sale’ moments. I simply love laughing with you.

I love your surprises. I love the flowers, chocolates, Gabriel, the blue teddy and even those simple and unexpected endearing things you say and do. I love your sweet text messages and our daily conversations. I love our talks about places we want to see together, about the plans we have in the future. I love thinking about those crazy things we aim to do someday. I love the ‘things’ that make our relationship more special. I love the feeling you evoke in me. I love our connection, everybody around us must be aware of the magic between us, which is undeniable.

I love your wisdom and your imagination. I love your sweetness, your sincerity, your passion. I simply love everything about you. And I love the fact that you love me.