How do you make things easier

The moment we said it was over

How do you face the morning sun

When you know that our love is gone


How could you go on and continue living

While I’m here on my own, hurting

I can’t help but wonder

How could your love make my heart suffer


How could you be so damn caring

Doing little things that make my heart spinning

How do you make each day so sweet

How do you fill the emptiness and make me complete


How do you begin a day without me

How do you set your heart free

How do you make the nights worthwhile

With tears in my eyes and a fake smile


How could you leave without saying goodbye

Now that you’re gone how could I not cry

How could you love me so damn much

When you know that you and I can never last


O, how will I ever convince myself

That our love is now an old book in a shelf

Tell me how to pretend to be fine

When I know in my heart you can never be mine


October 20, 2005

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