Life Without You


What is life without you

This I would never know

You are the air that I breathe

My every reason to believe


The rain won’t stop falling

Forever are the stormy seas

The birds will stop singing

With my heart slowly dying


There are no more moonlit walks

The sweet nights are over

No more goodnight kisses

Like a wish on a four-leaf clover


It will never be the same

Now that you’re gone

Hear me call out your name

Here is my heart to blame


December 12, 2005



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When I Think of Love, I Think of You

Love is like a wildflower

And like the cold nights of the summer

It is like the morning dew

That freshens the day with the thoughts of you


Love is like the falling leaves

Everytime they fall, it makes us believe

That the memories of you will always stay

And somehow tomorrow is yet another day


Love is like a deep blue ocean

A wonderful sight that can never be forgotten

The wind and the leaves call out your name

And it truly sets my heart on a flame


Love is like the clouds in the sky

It is as free as solitary birds that fly

The love I feel continues to grow

Like the stream of water that will forever flow


Love is as perfect as a tear

Doesn’t really matter if you’re far or near

It is like a child’s laughter

The music it brings will stay forever


Love is like the stars at night

Make my darkest moments seem so bright

It is like the moon that shines

It would never fail even at sad times


Love is like a work of art

It’s the memory of the time when we fell apart

It isn’t important what they mean

What matters is how they make me feel


Love is like watching the sunset

It will always bring a feeling of content

As the sun eventually reaches the horizon

Like love itself leads us to confusion


Love is like a melody

It evokes so much memory

It is like the Christmas Eve

It is sad, it is lonely, it makes me grieve


Love is like the mountain

When you’re on top, it feels like heaven

But we all know whatever you do

You must go back down and be the old you


Love is like the vast open field

Everything just goes with the wind

The space gives us no boundaries

It gives you freedom to give into your worries


Love is like a scenery outside the car window

It passes by your eyes and you would never know

It’s like traveling through a bullet train

Seeing places that in our hearts will remain


Love is like poetry

It lets you dream and lets you see

Like poetry, has its own justification

No doubts, no fears, no questions


Love is like the sunshine

The hope it brings that everything’s fine

The loneliness of the night fades away

As the sun promises the beauty of the next day


I could never say what love really is

All I know is the feeling when it hits

For me, only one thing is ever true

When I think of love, I think of you.


October 21, 2005



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