If I were going to be asked how many times I have fallen in love, my answer would be- many times. Probably too many that every so often I feel like I was born to love and to get hurt.

     Falling in love is the most infuriatingly fantastic feeling any human being could possibly experience. It is exciting. It is nerve-wracking. It is calorie burning. It is insane. It makes everything in the world magical and colorful.

     People who are in love tend to be much nicer than necessary. I know. I’ve been there. It feels like you want to be-friend everybody. You are more welcoming, more approachable. You understand everything. You seem to know the solutions to all the problems in the world. And, you cannot seem to get that sweet smile off your face.

     That is love. It can do all the crazy things, it can make the impossible possible, the ugly beautiful and the black, somehow white.

     That is love. I know. I’ve had that.

     I should know everything about love because I have been in that state for so many times.

     But actually, I don’t. I do not know how it feels like to be cuddled in the cold Christmas Eve. I do not know how it feels to be in the arms of someone when I am miserable. I do not know the feeling of being cherished and loved when my world is falling apart.

     All I know is the feeling of emptiness every time I fall in love.

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Sa bawat gabi makatulog ka sana

Na ako ang nasa isip sa tuwi-tuwina

Sa umaga, sa tanghali at sa gabi

Sana maalala mo ang aking mga ngiti


Sana’y dahan-dahan ka sa iyo’ng pagkain

Baka mabulunan sana sa kaiisip sa akin

Tingnan ang daan sa paglalakad

Baka madapa kapag naalalala ang lahat


Siguro sa sobrang pag-iisip ko sa’yo

Ay dugu-dugo ka na, pangyayari’ng di malayo

Ngayon kaya ay may dila ka pa

O lagi ito’ng nakakagat at di na makapagsalita


Kawawa ka naman kung magkagano’n

Sorry ha, di ko lang mapigilan ang emosyon

Gustuhin ko man na di ka isipin

‘Di pwede dude, mahirap ‘yong pilitin


October 19, 2005

Wednesday, 12:05am

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Gone with the Wind

    There will be this one time in your life wherein you’ll find someone as wonderful as the stars in the sky.

I’ve found mine many years ago. He’s got the eyes that would definitely leave a girl breathless. And his smile- wow, you could lose yourself with his sweet smile. He’s totally charming, very good looking. A head-turner, without even trying.

     I always used to give him a glance every single day when he walks in front of my house. And when he smiles, God only knows what’s on my mind.

     As time flies, I know nothing about him but his heavenly charm.

     As time flies by and still, I found myself searching among the crowds for his face. And who would expect that I’d be seeing him again, after a couple of years, in the most unlikely circumstances.

     One that I wished never happened.


     You ask why? I tell you why.

     Well, it was one of those ordinary days, and as I do the things I usually do, I suddenly saw this man rushing to my direction. I was surprised. Speechless.

     O, I really wish to heaven it never happened. Because that same day, that very moment, I can’t help but ask myself why, o why did I lose myself to someone like this man?

     I cannot believe that I was actually deceived by his charming good looks.

     Do not get me wrong. He still looks fantastic.

     Well, not until he speaks.

     O, I really wished it never happened. All my admiration, longing and dreaming has suddenly disappeared. It has simply gone…with the wind.


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Love Sucks

     Love sucks. As in really sucks. You’ll do everything for love, all those crazy little things for love, then what? You just end up weeping and crying over some stupid jerk who promised you the moon and the

stars and the heaven and the earth.

     God to think of it- some guy likes you, calls you everyday, spends hours on the phone in the morning, afternoon and night. Sends you sweet and thoughtful messages, tells you everything you wanted to hear. He visits your home almost every night, goes out with you on the weekends, brings you to those romantic places and fancy restaurants, and lavishes you with expensive flowers, gifts and chocolates.

     And when you look into his eyes, he stares at you as if you are the most beautiful woman on earth. Then, in a snap of a finger, the stars come down from heaven and you fall in love with him and he’s the happiest.

     Then days passed, weeks and months.

     And days passed by still, as you look into his eyes, he isn’t looking at you the way he did before.

     Then you hear him say…It’s not you, it’s me.

     That’s the romantic way of breaking up, I think. He tells you he needed some space to think, that you are such a wonderful person and you deserve someone better, he couldn’t give everything you need, that you are too good for him.

     This some guy, whom a long time ago promised you everything, almost his life for you, and they are the ones who beg for your love in the first place, but then, they are the ones who want escape.

     Love does suck, doesn’t it? 

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